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Consultation Services

We provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for patients with various types of infectious diseases within multiple settings


ID Consultants, Inc. is a private clinical practice devoted to the care of people with infectious diseases. Our physicians are board certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases and all joined our practice because of their commitment to the care of their patients


Our medical team includes a highly experienced team of physicians and registered nurses


We strive to provide solutions to your infectious disease needs in a convenient and cost-effective manner


Health records are kept on a highly encrypted electronic platform, which allows sharing of key information with other treating physicians




ID Consultants’ physicians are available 24 hours a day to respond to requests for infectious diseases consultations. We pride ourselves on our prompt response to requests for consultations from our physician colleagues. After hours, one of our infectious diseases physicians is always available by phone or pager. Our physicians are able to address the full spectrum of infectious diseases in adults as well as evaluate and treat infectious complications of surgery, cancer, transplants, immune-compromised patients including HIV, and critically ill patients. Our physicians work closely with the primary attending physician, with the multidisciplinary care team, and with the other specialists involved in the care of the patient.

portfolio-4Our physicians are trained to evaluate and treat a wide variety of infectious diseases. Initial hospital consultations are arranged with follow-up visits scheduled as needed. When necessary, laboratory tests such as blood work can be done on-site. A completed report is usually provided promptly to the requesting doctor. Health records are kept on a highly encrypted electronic platform, which allows sharing of key information with other treating physicians.

portfolio-7Today, many individuals are discharged from hospitals to rehabilitation hospitals or long term care facilities. For individuals with infections, especially those on IV antibiotics, follow up appointments are often required with the ID physician.  Our physicians may see patients for follow up in several local long-term and rehab facilities.

In addition to follow up for recently hospitalized patients, our clinicians also provide ID back up and consultation to the attending physicians and nursing staff at these facilities. Rather than going to the office or the hospital, many individuals can receive needed ID consultations without leaving their facility.

Desktop-Airplane-sky-flying-desktop-480x270Cleveland is home to a diverse community of individuals, many of whom travel internationally. Travel to many parts of the world may present health risks, which can often be anticipated before travel, or which may need to be dealt with during a trip or upon return. Our clinicians have many years of experience in advising travelers, providing immunizations and preventive medications, and in addressing health concerns upon return from overseas travel.

portfolio-1Sometimes oral antibiotics are not enough to treat certain infections. Sometimes a physician must choose a form of the medicine that is given directly into the vein, or intravenously (IV). The IV option is often chosen because the medicine can achieve higher levels in the bloodstream and in the site of the infection than it can in oral form. Other times, certain antibiotics are only available in the IV form. IV antibiotics may be given once, or several times a day. Sometimes the medicines are given for a short period of days, other infections require up to 4-6 weeks, or more of daily infusions.

In order to administer IV medicines safely and effectively, our physicians work with well-trained clinicians, who administer the medicines in our office infusion suite conveniently located on the East and West sides of Cleveland.

portfolio-5Laboratory and other testing services are available on-site by an independent accredited lab.